On 19 February 2016, troubled with the continuing attacks on development workers and projects, several non-government organizations banded together to form the Assert Socio-Economic Initiatives Network of the Philippines (AscentPH). One year later, AscentPH has grown in both vision and breadth to become a national alliance of organizations and individuals determinedly working for a society that is free from poverty and where each and everyone fully enjoy their rights and freedoms as persons and as a people.

With 100 organizations under its wing, AscentPH has over 1000 development workers and specialists working day and night to make our society a better place. And through them, we are connected to and partner with millions of workers, farmers, indigenous peoples, urban poor, women and youth from the grassroots level striving for equality, social justice and meaningful change.

Through them, we strive for the realization of all rights and freedoms for all our people. Working together with them, we make sure no one is left behind. Hand in hand, we reach for our goal of a brighter future and a more just and equitable society.

Because at AscentPH, we rise up–together.