16681685_222140831524326_6950582410220160240_nDevelopment is about people, not profit.

We put people first before anything else, and by people we mean the poorest, most oppressed and most marginalized sectors of society. We believe that people are the motive force in changing society, and we ensure that our work always considers the interests and needs of those we serve. Development and progress is first and foremost about people.

senior citizensEveryone has an inherent right to development.

We believe that everyone has the right to development. We work to ensure that this right is recognized and can be exercised by all.

The right to development and other fundamental rights are interconnected.

The right to development is connected to other basic human rights, and we believe that no right can be disregarded in the journey towards development.

Equality, social justice and sustainability should be the basis for development._MG_7684_Fotor

We believe in development, but we also believe that development should not come at the cost of other rights. In working for a better society, we make sure that the benefits of progress and development are enjoyed by all, regardless of race, religion, gender, age or educational background. We also believe that development must be sustainable, and we take into consideration not just development for now, but development for the next generations. And we don’t just measure progress by increased income or productivity, we also make sure that during the journey, our rights are violated. Because it’s not just about reaching the top, it’s also about how we climb it.

Poverty is the greatest human rights violation.

Our society is afflicted with crushing poverty on a massive scale. And when people are poor, they are denied justice, are the last to receive basic services, and are left behind when it comes to progress as well as recognition and realization of rights.

12798945_10153335920361587_3026511874238001577_n_FotorWorking together.

We believe there is strength in unity and working together. We can’t do this alone. We join hands with the people who are the targets for development. We conduct grassroots investigations and consult with communities on how to go about things and what they feel is right for them. We do this because we view them not just as recipients, but as active partners in our work for change.