17426036_429041064112469_7721294140472996875_nIntegrated community development

In order to build strong, healthy, environment friendly, disaster resilient and sustainable communities, AscentPH takes on the task of integrated community development. This means that we take the approach that is inclusive and holistic. We don’t just focus on sustainable agriculture and food security, we also work on community learning and education, health, renewable energy, social enterprising, disaster risk reduction, environmental management and the like. That’s because we believe that to build sustainable communities, we must take into account all the needs of the community members in order for them to be truly empowered and free from poverty.

Humanitarian aid14914843_845249338949261_329043378_n-900x300

No one can predict when and where disasters will strike. Disasters worsen poverty, destroying homes and livelihood and, many times, even claiming lives. They also put those who survive the ordeal at risk of rights violations. With AscentPH, we and our partners ensure that aid is sent immediately to those who experience disasters, whether natural or man-made. That’s because we want to assist our people in getting back up after disasters occur.

DSCN9516-848x478Research, policy analysis and education

AscentPH conducts continuous research on development issues in order to have a grasp on concrete conditions affecting the people as a whole. Policies from the local to the national level are also analyzed and recommendations are crafted based on existing research and actual needs of various stakeholders. Development issues are introduced and discussed to a wider audience through different means for various stakeholders and supporters to have a deeper understanding of what’s at stake.

107_4042_FotorCapacity building

In this ever-changing world, skills and knowledge must always be acquired and constantly refined and upgraded in order for us to be able to handle and manage complex development issues that grow more complicated every single day. AscentPH and its partners work day in and day out to ensure that each and every one of its partners has the opportunity to grow and learn. Furthermore, we strengthen our partners by linking arms with other organizations and individuals for our common causes, whether they be in the local, national or international level.

14611148_661133790730173_689750638388085599_nAdvocacy and Campaigns

Advocacy campaigns are launched to ensure that as we reach for the full realization of the right to development, our different fundamental rights are also respected and upheld. Empowerment and poverty alleviation will never happen if our fundamental rights are denied us every day. At AscentPH, our advocacies and actions, whether they be on the streets or offices, shanties or boardrooms, are always in line with what the people need for development and empowerment. Through our advocacies, we can share our experiences as well as learn from the experience of others, whether they be from the country or elsewhere. With our partners and members, AscentPH is involved in different campaigns which seek to answer numerous development issues confronting the people today.